The Cigar Compadre cigar holder is the best way to keep that great cigar by your side.

cigar holder


Now you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activity and a cigar at the same time. No more leaving it behind or having to throw away the half that didn't make it.

The Cigar Compadre cigar holder is simply the best golf cigar clip available. The pocket-sized metal clamp attaches to almost anything, holding your lit cigar without damaging the wrapper. It's also more secure than open trays that can easily drop your cigar. 

The Cigar Compadre is perfect for golf, fishing, traveling or just lounging in a chair on the deck. They also make the ideal gift for anyone who loves a good cigar.

The cigar compadre is an absolute must-have in your golf bag! This simple to use device is great for solving the problem of where to place your cigar when you’re out on the links. Clips easily to many different locations on the golf cart to hold your cigar while you take your swing.
— Hossenfeffer | Myersville, MD
I dont lose my cigar anymore when I light up on the course. The Cigar Compadre has reduced my annual cost from lost cigars!
— Brian | Fox Island, WA
Fantastic. This is much better than the other ones on the market.
— Koufax Kid | Hollywood, CA

Made to last

The Cigar Compadre patented design offers cigar aficionados a safe, secure place to hold cigars while while enjoying recreational activities. The Cigar Compadre clips to almost anything, and will not crush or ruin your cigar. Never leave another cigar behind!


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cigar holder